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8 Articles for Learning Android Mobile Malware Analysis

Online attackers are paying increased attention to mobile devices. At the moment, the biggest mobile threat vector seems to take the form of trojan applications designed to run on a mobile phone and containing unwanted "features." If you come across a malicious program of that nature, how can you analyze it? This quick post notes several articles and tools that focus on examining inner-workings of Android mobile applications.

If you can recommend other free tools, references and tutorials for learning Android mobile malware analysis, please leave a comment.

Lenny Zeltser focuses on safeguarding customers' IT operations at NCR Corporation. He also teaches how toanalyzemalware at SANS Institute. Lenny is activeon Twitterand writes asecurity blog.


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It seems you have put wrong url for my android RE blog. It is
The one posted is from Thomas.

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Dave Hull

Take a look, I believe I've fixed the link.

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Android Fan

I think the best way to avoid getting malware in your android is to stay away from downloading applications from unverified sources outside the market.

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