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Tools for Analyzing Static Properties of Suspicious Files on Windows

Examining static properties of suspicious files is a good starting point for malware analysis. This effort allows you to perform an initial assessment of the file without even infecting a lab system or studying its code. Let's take a look at several free Windows tools that are useful for extracting such meta data from potentially-malicious executables.

When Cases Involve SSNs and Credit Card Data: "Sensitive Data Search and Baseline" Python Script

A key component of any investigation is the type of data exfiltrated. If sensitive data is on a compromised machine, risk is increased significantly. Also, there is a patch work of legislation covering various types of data which is considered sensitive ( In general, social security and credit card numbers are at the top of the concern list. Since many states have encryption exemptions, a forensicator needs to know, does any media storage in the case have sensitive data in the clear?

Data can be encrypted by system administrators/DBAs or by attackers. Attackers usually encrypt data as part of the staging process prior to data exfiltation. Attackers commonly password protected and compressed the data as a .rar file. With strong passwords (32+ character pass-phrases) .rar files can be difficult to almost impossible to open with normal computing power.

Using a cross


Cloud Forensics with F-Response

Like many great inventions, the idea behind F-Response is so simple and elegant it is hard not to punish yourself for not thinking of it. Using the iSCSI protocol to provide read-only mounting of remote devices opens up a wealth of options for those of us working in geographically dispersed environments. I have used it for everything from remote imaging to fast forensic triage to live memory analysis. F-Response is vendor-neutral and tool independent, essentially opening up a network pipe to remote devices and allowing the freedom of using nearly any tool in your kit. The product is so good, I really wouldn't blame them for just sitting back and counting their money. Luckily, counting money gets boring fast, so instead the folks at F-Response have kept innovating and adding value. Their latest additions are new "Connector" tools: Database, Cloud, and Email.

Now is the time to start planning how to acquire forensic copies of all that data your organization is pushing


Java IDX Sample Files from Java Spearphishing Attack from SANS FOR508

Earlier this year, SANS created the most in-depth incident response training scenario that spans multiple systems in FOR508: Advanced Forensic Analysis and Incident Response. We discussed the entire scenario in a blog titled: "Is Anti-Virus Really Dead? A Real-World Simulation Created for Forensic Data Yields Surprising Results"

One of the biggest complaints that many have in the DFIR community is the lack of realistic data to learn from. Starting a year ago, I planned to change that through creating a realistic scenario based on experiences from the entire cadre of instructors at SANS and additional experts who reviewed and advised the attack "script". We created an incredibly rich and


Digital Forensics Case Leads: Sleeper Malware targets diplomatic entities in Europe & Asia, banking trojan travelling through Skype, DropBox decryption, PE file analysis, and retrieving iPhone VoiceMail

In this issue of Case Leads, Magnet Forensics updates its IEF with new neat features, Analysing PE file with python, retrieving iPhone voicemail with Perl, sleeper APT target diplomats, banking trojans travelling through Skype... Continue reading this week of Case Leads.

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  • Magnet Forensics (Formerly JAD Software) has unveiled v5.8 of its industry-leading forensic software, INTERNET EVIDENCE FINDER' (IEF) — including several exciting forensic firsts!! Like DropBox Decryption, Web Video Recovery, Google Maps Tiles & Geo-Location Visualization, Support for NewsGroup Messages and other new artifacts added.