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Mobile Device Forensics

Mobile device forensics is a rapidly evolving field, creating exciting opportunities for practitioners in corporate, criminal, and military settings. This presentation provides an overview of useful data that can be extracted from mobile devices and how this information can be useful in a variety of situations. Professionals within organizations can find stolen data and incriminating communications on devices used by rogue employees. In civil and criminal cases, digital forensic investigators can extract useful evidence from mobile devices, can get a clearer sense of which individuals were in cahoots, and can even show the location of key suspects at times of interest. IT auditors, managers, and lawyers all need to understand the vast potential of mobile device forensics. Because mobile devices can contain details about who was doing what, where and when, their usefulness as a source of information in an investigation should never be underestimated. Go to Webcast

Introduction to Malware Analysis Webcast:

Lenny Zeltser's popular malware analysis course has helped IT administrators, security professionals, and malware specialists fight malicious code in their organizations. In this free webcast, Lenny introduce the process of reverse-engineering malicious software. Lenny covers behavioral and code analysis phases, to make this topic accessible even to individuals with a limited exposure to programming concepts. You'll learn the fundamentals and associated tools to get started with malware analysis. Learn More

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