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Texas Licensing Issue: HB2287

Last week I wrote about a Texas House Bill that sought to amend the licensing requirements and may impact computer forensic analysts working in that state.

The latest information is that the Public Safety Committee will meet today to consider House Bill 2287, which would exempt computer repair technicians from licensing requirements, but not computer forensic analysts.

If you're concerned with this issue and oppose the current PI licensing requirement for computer forensic analysts, please contact members of the Public Safety Committee (see below for contact information) and let them know you oppose HB2287 in its original form.

Apparently there will be someone at the committee meeting asking for an amendment to the Occupations Code that would include an exemption for computer forensic analysts, and other information security professionals. The full text of the proposed amendment is as follows:

(17) persons engaged in:

(A) computer or digital forensic services or in the acquisition, review, or analysis of digital or computer-based information, whether for purposes of obtaining or furnishing information for evidentiary or other purposes, or for providing expert testimony before a court; or

(B) network or system vulnerability testing, including network scans and risk assessment and analysis of computers connected to a network.

Contact information for members of the committee is as follows:


Committee Clerk: Paul Kamprath:
TEL: (512) 463-0133

Committee Chair:
Rep. Tommy Merritt
TEL: (512) 463-0750
FAX: (512) 463-9085

Vice Chair:
Rep. Stephen Frost
(512) 463-0692
(512) 463-0902 Fax

Committee Members:

Rep. Lon Burnam
(512) 463-0740
(512) 463-1075 Fax

Rep. Joe Driver
(512) 463-0574
(512) 463-1481 Fax

Rep. Phil King
(512) 463-0738
(512) 463-1957 Fax

Rep. Tryon D. Lewis
(512) 463-0546
(512) 463-8067 Fax

Rep. Barbara Mallory Caraway
(512) 463-0664
(512) 463-0476 Fax

Rep. Eddie Rodriguez
(512) 463-0674
(512) 463-0314 Fax

Rep. Hubert Vo
(512) 463-0568
(512) 463-0548 Fax

Dave Hull, GCFA Silver #3368, is a technologist focusing on incident response, computer forensics and application security. He can be found on the web at