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SANS SIFT Workstation Version 1.3 Released

SANS SIFT Workstation 1.3 Released!!!


  • VMware Appliance
  • Ready to tackle forensics
  • Cross compatibility between Linux and Windows
  • Forensic tools preconfigured
  • A portable lab workstation you can now use for your investigations

The SANS SIFT Workstation is a VMware Appliance that is preconfigured with all the necessary tools to perform a forensic examination. It is compatible with Expert Witness Format (E01), Advanced Forensic Format (AFF), and raw (dd) evidence formats. The appliance is utilized in the Computer Forensic, Investigation, and Response course offered by SANS. We teach analysts to examine core file system data and metadata structures to increase their understanding of the FAT/NTFS/UNIX/LINUX file systems. As a result, their capabilities as a forensic analyst increase immensely. The popular appliance that is part of the SIFTkit is now offered as a free download via the SANS Forensic Website. The SIFT Workstation give you the ability to securely examine a raw disks, multiple file systems, evidence formats. It also places strict guidelines on how evidence is examined (read-only) verifying that the evidence has not changed

Latest version of SIFT Workstation (Version 1.1) downloaded from under the downloads section. (Use Cheat Sheet for proper command line usage)

Updated for Version 1.3

PTK 1.05
sleuthkit-3.0.1 Compiled with HFS Support


Mandiant Auditviewer AuditViewer to parse and examine memory via GUI

Volatility Plugin Collection (fully compiled/tested with 3rd party tools)

  • cachedump Dump (decrypted) domain hashes from the registry
  • cryptoscan Find TrueCrypt passphrases
  • getsids Print the SIDs owning each process
  • hashdump Dump (decrypted) LM and NT hashes from registry
  • hivedump Dump registry hives to CSV
  • hivelist Print list of registry hives
  • hivescan Scan for _CMHIVE objects (registry hives)
  • lsadump Dump (decrypted) LSA secrets from the registry
  • malfind Dump and rebuild executables
  • moddump Dump loaded kernel modules to disk.
  • printkey Print a registry key, and its subkeys and values
  • pstree
  • suspicious Find suspicious command lines and display them

PERL Tools under /usr/local/src/windows_perl and plugins Registry Forensic Carver Registry slack Registry deleted key examination Registry timelime creator - now with sleuthkit bodyfile output Windows Time

After downloading the toolkit, use the credentials below to gain access.

  • Login "root"
  • Password "forensics"

SIFT Workstation Recommended Hardware Requirements:

  • PIII 1Ghz CPU Minimum / M Series 1.5 GHz or higher is recommended
  • 1 Gigabyte of RAM minimum
  • 40 Gigabyte Hard Drive minimum (HARD DRIVE SIZE IS CRITICAL)
  • VMware Player (Free From

Software Includes:(under /usr/local/src)

Rob Lee is a Principal Consultant for MANDIANT, a leading provider of information security consulting services and software to Fortune 500 organizations and the U.S. Government. Rob has over 12 years experience in computer forensics, vulnerability discovery, intrusion detection and incident response. Rob is the lead course author and faculty fellow for the computer forensic courses at the SANS Institute.