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Webcast Today 5/19: SANS Forensic/IR Summit 09 Panel Preview

Webcast Today 5/19 @ 1PM EDT

Webcast Panel: SANS Forensic/IR Summit 09 Preview: Essential Incident Response Techniques


Forensic Summit Link:

Featuring: Harlan Carvey, Dave Hull, Chris Pogue

Rob Lee - Moderator

Webcast Panel: Essential Incident Response Techniques: Panelists will tell which incident response tools and techniques they regularly use, what worked and what didn't work, and they will share the lessons they learned.

Harlan Carvey - Senior Incident Responder, IBM ISS; Author of "Windows Forensic Analysis" and the blog

Dave Hull - Owner Trusted Signal LLC.; Editor and Author of the blog

Chris Pogue - Senior Security Consultant, Trustwave; Author of "Unix and Linux Forensic Analysis."

Some of the questions to be answered:

  1. Out of all the investigations you have done, what is the most lacking skill that incident responders and forensic analysts should have?
  2. What has changed the most about the incident response and forensic field over the past two years technically?
  3. Which tool in field would you not leave home without?