SANS Digital Forensics and Incident Response Blog: Daily Archives: Jun 11, 2009

Forensic/IR Summit 2008 Archive Presentations

by Rob Lee

In preparation for the upcoming SANS Forensic and Incident Response Summit 2009 in DC we had not officially released the presentations to the public from last year's summit in Las Vegas. SANS has agreed to publishing the archive today from last October 2008.

This year's summit is larger, has more speakers/panelists, more content, and more education and discussion surrounding current events in Digital Forensics and the Incident Response community.

Don't Forget about the 2009 SANS Forensic/IR Summit Courses

Advanced Filesystem Recovery and Memory Forensics

Facebook Forensics

by Jeff Bryner

Like most, I recently read the story of the EMT who posted a grisly picture to Facebook via his mobile phone. This got me thinking about social network forensics. I just happened to have joined Facebook (am I the last one?) and being of forensic mind... this post.

The issue that brings forensics into the case? The claim is that his post is by accident and was unintentional.

Now Facebook has a long history of privacy misunderstandings, and being a brand new user I can attest that it's nearly impossible at first glance to determine the privacy of the items you post. Is