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Forensic/IR Summit 2008 Archive Presentations

by Rob Lee

In preparation for the upcoming SANS Forensic and Incident Response Summit 2009 in DC we had not officially released the presentations to the public from last year's summit in Las Vegas. SANS has agreed to publishing the archive today from last October 2008.

This year's summit is larger, has more speakers/panelists, more content, and more education and discussion surrounding current events in Digital Forensics and the Incident Response community.

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Forensic/IR Summit 2008 Archive Presentations

At the Forensic Summit 2008 in Las Vegas we had an incredible event. The archive of the event can be found here:

2008 Summit Overview

In the commercial sector, TJ Maxx, Hannaford, and TD Ameritrade are victims of large-scale data breaches and intrusions. From these attacks, personal or account information of more than 100 million individuals has been compromised. In the government sector, cyber attacks on government agencies and contractors, originating from China, have proved difficult to suppress. In both situations, incident response and mitigation, class action lawsuits, and fines place remediation costs in the billions of dollars.

For more than five years, threats originating from at home and abroad, such as China and Russia, have proved challenging to contain. Utilizing advances in spear phishing, web application attacks, and persistent malware these new sophisticated attackers advance rapidly through your network. Perimeter based cyber-defenses, the information security Maginot Line, have provided a false sense of security which only slows persistent attackers; it does not stop them.

Incident response and forensic techniques have clearly evolved to help diminish the outcomes of these attacks. Join industry experts at the SANS Incident Response and Forensic Summit to discuss these advanced threats and learn about the latest strategies and effective techniques to keep you and your company a step-ahead.

Enjoy the archive!


Rob Lee

2009 SANS Forensic and IR Summit Chair


Rob Lee is a Principal Consultant for MANDIANT, a leading provider of information security consulting services and software to Fortune 500 organizations and the U.S. Government. Rob has over 13 years experience in computer forensics, vulnerability discovery, intrusion detection and incident response. Rob is the lead course author and faculty fellow for the computer forensic courses at the SANS Institute.