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2009 Forensics Summit reviews

For those who missed it, a quick post of the reviews of the 2009 SANS WhatWorks Summit in Forensics and Incident Response.

Craig Ball wrote, "The talented presenters didn't disappoint. The leading lights in forensics and information security shared their tips, tools and insights;" See his post at EDD Update for his full review.

Harlan Carvey said, "it was totally awesome and well worth every second I was there." All of Carvey's comments are over at his Windows Incident Response blog.

Chris Pogue wrote, "Being able to hear speakers like Harlan Carvey, Oive Carroll, Richard Bejtlich (pronounced BAIT-LICK), Jesse Kornblum, Jamie Butler, Troy Larson, and Eoghan (pronounced OWEN) Casey all in one event is pretty impressive. Now throw into the mix representatives from the FBI, Secret Service, DoD, Georgia Tech, and various local, state, and federal agencies and you have something pretty special. The quality of the speakers at this year's summit made this THE conference to be at in 2009! Again, great work Rob!" Pogue's full take on the Summit is available at his blog, The Digital Standard.

Matt Shannon of F-Response said, "I whole heartedly recommend you take an opportunity to get to one soon, it's well worth the time and money invested."

"Imagine having an oppotunity to rub elbows with the authors of the books you read, the guys and girls working on the cutting edge technologies and seeing the latest in information security issues, etc." See Shannon's complete review here with photos too.

Brendan Dolan-Gavitt said, "All the talks were really excellent; Rob Lee and the folks at SANS should be commended for their great work in putting everything together." Gavitt's full post is available at his blog, Push the Red Button.

Yours truly, wrote up a couple of posts summarizing day one and day two as I remember seeing it.

And lastly, a few different folks were "live tweeting" about the event on Twitter. You can check out Twitter's search results for forensicsummit here.


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Dan W.

I really appreciate all the hard work that the people at the Sans Storm Center do for all of us. Perhaps I will be able to attend a summit in the future.