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196 Articles in a year! SANS Digital Forensic Blog One Year Anniversay!

Happy Birthday SANS Computer Forensic Blog! It has been one great year! Our first post was on Aug 27,2008.

If you have any comments on how to continue to improve we would love to hear it! I hope you have enjoyed the articles as much as the authors and I have created them

Special thanks goes out to Dave Hull for managing the blog on a daily basis. Dave has been extraordinary in making sure the author's posts get posted on a daily basis.

If you would like to contribute an article to the SANS Forensic Blog, we have a guest blogger program. Email if you are interested!

Continue reading! Hoping next year will be as wonderful as this one. Please comment below on how we can help make the blog even better. Would love to hear your ideas!

Thank you,

Rob Lee


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This blog is great. It's giving a lot of inspiration to interested people, especially if they want to enter the fields. The Windows Registry and Memory Forensics articles were blatantly fascinating.

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Cédric Pernet

Happy birthsday dudes ! This blog is awesome, keep up the good work ! :-)

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Howard Patterson

Just want to add my congrats and say thanks for all the helpful and though-provoking posts here.