SANS Digital Forensics and Incident Response Blog: Daily Archives: Feb 07, 2010

Uncident Response

Awhile ago, I was asked to assist in responding to a security problem on a client's network. A major vulnerability was reported on a website that involved failure of the primary authentication and access control mechanism. So severe was the vulnerability that not only could one user view another's PII, but complete authentication circumvention was itself trivial! I was tasked with assessing what, if any, impact had resulted from this exposure. This probably sounds familiar to many security analysts: a vulnerability was discovered, what compromise resulted from it?

These cases turn classic incident response on its head. We are trained, and often work, on issues where a compromise is discovered, from which analysis reveals a vulnerability. Here, we have the opposite. One immediate difference is clear: when there is a compromise, some vulnerability was necessarily exploited. However, the result of a vulnerability investigation is not so clear. Our normal incident

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