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SANS Digital Forensics Training in Portland, Oregon (Aug 23-28)

Our instructor Mike Murr is one of our best Digital Forensic Instructors! The wonderful thing about smaller classrooms is you get better training than when you are competing with 40 people to get help from the instructor. SANS uses these smaller events for individuals who are seeking more personalized training and really want to get the most out of their training dollars.

The Top 6 Reasons You Should Take SANS Computer Forensics and Incident Response (FOR508) Training in Portland, OR - August 23 - 28, 2010.

  1. Mike has a deep knowledge of Windows systems, from the bit and the bytes to the files and the artifacts. He has written several forensic tools for his clients, and you can find his open source digital forensics framework at lib forensics.
  2. After being a certified SANS instructor for 5 years, Mike has taught and worked with every skill level, from novice, to practitioner, to master. No matter where your strengths lie, you will leave this class as a better analyst.
  3. There is life beyond digital forensics. Make sure to attend the evening talks, and take advantage of the networking opportunities. It's not just a class, it's an experience.
  4. Mike's last class sold out so quickly that they had to open a second session just to accommodate everyone! These classes are filling fast, and if you sign up soon you won't have to wait until next time.
  5. The winner of the Day-6 challenge will be awarded one of the few prestigious SANS Forensics challenge coin.
  6. Mike dreams in hex, and after this class, so will you.

Some former student quotes about Mike's Computer Forensics Training:

"Mike Murr is very knowledgeable and provides valuable real world examples." Sue Elliott, Spectra Energy

"Mike Murr delivered the course content in a clear and concise manner. Mike has great enthusiasm for the course material." Joseph Garcia, NYPD - Cybercrime 101 Podcast

Come join us in Portland and learn the skills, tactics, and techniques to become a world-class forensic analyst. Mike is one of our best instructors



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Your registration link is broke.

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Rob Lee

This event was for 2010. Would you be interested in an event this year?

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Robert Jaquiss

Hello: I would be interested in finding out more about available computer forensics training. Thank you.