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Digital Forensics Case Leads: Intel to Buy McAfee

Intel to by McAfee for U.S. $7+ billion, Facebook login information leakage, Android gaming app hides a Trojan lead the stories this week. A new SANs course is going to be offered that looks to be outstanding along with some good reads from David Nides, Matt Churchill, Joe Garcia and Nick Harbour.

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New Sans Course Being Offered:

There is a new 2-day Combating Malware in the Enterprise course that Lenny Zeltser and Jason Fossen have co-authored. Its major focus is on discovering, responding to, and remediating malware incidents in an enterprise setting. You can find more information out about it here:

The course will debut at the Network Security 2010 conference; because it'll be a "beta version" of the materials, SANS is offering it as half-price. The course is also scheduled to run at the CDI 2010 conference.

Good Reads:



Coming Events:

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