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SANS Digital Forensics Blog Reader's Survey Results

Thank you to all of our readers that took the time to complete our blog reader's survey. Your participation was very much appreciated and we will use this information to better serve our our readers and the forensic community. Our blog has been successful because of you and it is important that we share the results with you. Not every question was answered by everyone that took the survey, so we had a tangible 111 responses (thank you).

Here are the results:

Under "Other (please specify)", there were a lot of responses for the SANS Institute website, so thank you for including that with your response.

5. Digital Forensic Case Leads is published weekly to share tools both new and old, interesting reads, news items, and more. If you have suggestions or newsworthy items for the Digital Forensic Case Leads posts, please e-mail them to Would you like to see any changes to Case Leads? Please list any comments and recommendations that you have for the Digital Forensic Case Leads here.

From the feedback to this question, our readers enjoy the content that DF Case Leads delivers weekly and felt the current format and frequency was sufficient. Remember, send those stories and digital forensic nuggets to

Under "Other (please specify)", the common theme was RSS feeds (e.g. Google Reader) and LinkedIn.

"Digital Forensic Tools & How-To's " were off the charts! Under "Other (please specify)", malware forensics, live incident response, encryption, remote forensic tools, and case examples were the most mentioned.

Under "Other (please specify)", email, Yahoo! Groups, and phone were specified.

12. What can the SANS Computer Forensics blog do to improve how we serve the digital forensic community and you as the reader? We enjoy reading your comments and your feedback is always welcome. Please take a minute and let us know what we are doing wrong, what we can do better, and where we can further serve the community.

The survey results will be shared directly with our blog team. There were many of you that took the time to write lengthy comments and feedback, which was fantastic (thank you)! A denominator among some of the comments were more "how-to's" and topics for everyone from beginner to advanced. Several readers mentioned the tool agnostic and un-biased approach to digital forensics is what makes the blog successful (thank you). You've told us how much we ROCK, but if there is an area or topic that needs to be addressed let us know! Tell a colleague about the SANS Computer Forensics blog! If you have any further comments or suggestions and you would like to contact me directly, you can e-mail me at info-at-computerforensicsource-dot-com.

Mr. Brad Garnett, CCE, GCFA is a computer forensic examiner and law enforcement officer. You can follow Brad on Twitter @bgarnett17 and his blog at