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The Color of a Forensicator's Parachute: Professional Development and Retainment

Next week is DoD Cybercrime and I put in to lead a panel that I feel is often overlooked by many in the community. Proper professional development of our DFIR staff. As a result, I submitted a talk to lead a panel discussion and as a result, On Thursday, 26 January I am leading a panel discussion on Professional Development and Retainment Panel.

The Color of a Forensicator's Parachute: Professional Development and Retainment (Panel Discussion)
Thursday, 1100-1150; Location: Centennial Ballroom 4; Track: Forensics; Geek Meter: 1
Presenter: Rob Lee, Curriculum Lead, Digital Forensic and Incident Response, SANS Institute

Panelist include:

  • Ovie Carroll- Director, CCIPS, U.S. DOJ
  • Rich Cummings - Chief Technology Officer, HBGary, Inc.
  • CindyMurphy -Detective, WI PD
  • Jon Stewart - Principal, CEO,Lightbox Technologies
  • Lee Whitfield - Director, EasyMark LLC

Professionals looking to enter and grow in the field of digital forensics and incident response (IR) face many challenges. Organizations often focus their recruitment efforts on experienced forensicators, rather than investing into personnel who could mature as part of the group. Individuals who found a way to enter this field often struggle to identify mentors or to define a path for sharpening their skills. In some cases, individuals burn out from working hectic hours that leave little time for professional development. How can the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), law enforcement, and the branches of the military retain and maximize the careers of their top individuals? Does enough of a career path now exist within .gov and .mil positions that require advanced skills? This panel will explore approaches to developing one's digital forensics and IR skills. It will also consider what organizations can do to recruit, grow and retain forensics and IR specialists. How can a beginner turn into an expert? How to structure training, mentorship and project delivery efforts to help people improve?

If you are at DoD Cybercrime, I hope that you might take the time to attend.

If you are at DoD Cybercrime, tweet me if you would like to meetup @robtlee or stop by the SANS Booth to say hello.