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Advanced Computer Forensic Analysis and Incident Response (FOR508) Hanover MD

Stepping away from the trenches of the daily grind for a week of training can seem next to impossible, given today's tight training budgets and operational tempo. Yet, for information security professionals, keeping technical skills current and staying abreast of the latest security vulnerabilities and "best practices" is a matter of necessity. So, how can you fit in the training without breaking the budget and creating a security incident? SANS Mentor sessions provides an excellent solution to this problem by delivering high quality SANS curriculum in your local community by GIAC certified instructors. Most mentor sessions are taught in smaller class settings over a 10-week period, allowing students more time to absorb course material that is typically taught over a 6-day period. With a strong focus on hands-on exercises, the mentor format is the ideal way to integrate the SANS course material presented into your daily routines at work.

One upcoming SANS Mentor course, FOR 508: Advanced Computer Forensic Analysis and Incident Response, taught by Alissa Torres, is being held in Hanover, MD. This course runs from April 17 to June 19 2012 and is specifically designed for incident responders and experienced digital forensic analysts. This Mentor course will teach you the skills needed to take a deeper look into file systems and to create and analyze timelines through the use of the SIFT Workstation.

"This course lays the foundation necessary to understand data storage, then jumps into using the latest tools available today to ensure immediate value upon returning to work"
-Dave Howard, Emerson

Today, security professionals are responding to complex security incidents from sophisticated adversaries and need to know what to really do when examining a compromised system in an enterprise. The SANS FOR508 curriculum addresses essential response skills such as remote system forensics, physical memory analysis and application footprinting, allowing students to expand their investigative skill set and addresses modern security incidents.

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Instructor Biography

Alissa Torres currently works as a security researcher for KEYW Corporation in Maryland and has 10 years of technical expertise in the information technology field. Previously, she was a digital forensic investigator on a government contractor security team. She has extensive experience in information security, spanning government, academic and corporate environments and holds a Bachelors degree from University of Virginia and a Masters from University of Maryland in Information Technology. She served as an electronic communications officer in the Marine Corps, working in radio communications and information systems. With a depth of experience as an instructor, Alissa has taught at the Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy (DCITA), teaching incident response and network basics to security professionals entering the forensics community. In addition, she has presented at various industry conferences and currently holds the following industry certifications: GCFA, CISSP, EnCE.