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Digital Forensics Case Leads: New REMnux, Registry tools and more APT1 analysis

This week in Case Leads we have a great new update to REMnux, two new tools for registry analysis and be sure to vote for the Forensic 4cast Awards right after you hop over to the new REM community on Stack Exchange.

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Digital Forensics Case Leads for 20130413 was compiled by Rob Dewhirst (@robdew) GCFA, GCIH, GREM CISSP. Rob is a security analyst and CSIRT lead for a Tier I research University in the midwest and a private DFIR consultant.


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The download link for the compiled version of autorunner doesn't work anymore on the author's site, sad thing''

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H. Carvey

Corey's post isn't the only one available regarding providing descriptions of plugins.
For a complete list, go here:

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Rob Dewhirst

If you search Mark's Github profile you can find autorunner here: