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Reverse-Engineering Malware Course Expanded to Include Capture-the-Flag Challenges

SANS expanded its popular Reverse-Engineering Malware course (FOR610) to include a day's worth of real-world capture-the-flag challenges! The challenges are designed to reinforce skills covered earlier in the course, making use of the interactive NetWars tournament platform.

By applying the techniques learned earlier in the course, students will solidify their knowledge and can shore up skill areas where they feel they need additional practice. To accomplish this, students will be presented with a variety of challenges involving real-world malware. These challenges will reinforce the ability to respond to typical malware reversing tasks in an instructor-led lab environment and offer additional learning opportunities.

To learn more about the expansion of FOR610, take a look at Jake Williams' posting on this topic.

Game on!

Lenny Zeltser

Lenny Zeltser teaches malware analysis at SANS Institute and focuses on safeguarding customers' IT operations at NCR Corp. He is active on Twitter and writes a security blog.


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Jim Corio

This is a great addition to the class'' Some of the instructors have done smaller events in their classes (thinking Ed Skoudis and the SEC504 class), but to take this to the next level and use the Netwars platform is a great win for all of us taking these classes.