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Introducing Mac Forensics: The new SANS #DFIR course in BETA starting in April, 2014

Vienna, VA | Tue Apr 22 - Sun Apr 27, 2014

Digital forensic investigators have traditionally dealt with Windows machines, but what if they find themselves in front of a new Apple Mac or iDevice? The increasing popularity of Apple devices can be seen everywhere, from coffee shops to corporate boardrooms, yet most investigators are familiar with Windows-only machines.

Times and trends change and forensic investigators and analysts need to change with them. The new FOR518: Mac Forensic Analysis written by Sarah Edwards course provides the tools and techniques necessary to take on any Mac case without hesitation. The intense hands-on forensic analysis skills taught in the course will enable Windows-based investigators to broaden their analysis capabilities and have the confidence and knowledge to comfortably analyze any Mac or iOS system.

Forensicate Differently!

The FOR518: Mac Forensic Analysis Course will teach you:

  1. Mac Fundamentals: How to analyze and parse the Hierarchical File System (HFS+) file system by hand and recognize the specific domains of the logical file system and Mac-specific file types.
  2. User Activity: How to understand and profile users through their data files and preference configurations.
  3. Advanced Analysis and Correlation: How to determine how a system has been used or compromised by using the system and user data files in correlation with system log files.
  4. Mac Technologies: How to understand and analyze many Mac-specific technologies, including Time Machine, Spotlight, iCloud, Versions, FileVault, AirDrop, and FaceTime.

FOR518: Mac Forensic Analysis aims to form a well-rounded investigator by introducing Mac forensics into a Windows-based forensics world. This course focuses on topics such as the HFS+ file system, Mac specific data files, tracking user activity, system configuration, analysis and correlation of Mac logs, Mac applications, and Mac exclusive technologies. A computer forensic analyst who successful completes the course will have the skills needed to take on a Mac forensics case.