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SANS DFIR SUMMIT Agenda and Specials Annoucement

Digital Forensics & Incident Response Summit & Training | AGENDA LINE-UP POSTED!

The Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) Summit & Training event combines hands-on DFIR classroom training with trending DFIR summit speakers together into ONE premier event. One of the few DFIR-only training events on the SANS calendar! Join the most innovative minds in the industry to tackle advanced DFIR issues.


Announcing the SANS DFIR Summit 2014 Lineup!

  • Reverse Engineering Mac Malware - Sarah Edwards
  • Incident Response Patterns - Kyle Maxwell & Kevin Thompson
  • Why Hunt When You Can Seine? - Dave Hull
  • Automating Linux Memory Capture - Hal Pomeranz
  • Blackberry Forensic Nuggets - Detective Cynthia A. Murphy
  • Mach-O Binary Data Analysis - David Dorsey
  • 10 Ways to Make Your SOC More Awesome - Shelly Giesbrecht
  • Google Analytic Artifacts - Mari DeGrazia
  • Best Finds for 2014 - David Cowen
  • Excel at Forensics - Anthony Gawron & David Nides
  • Influencing Change in DFIR Tools - Dan Pullega
  • Peeling the Application Like an Onion - Lee Reiber
  • Windows 8 File History Analysis - Kausar Khizra & Nasa Quba
  • USB Devices & Media Transfer Protocol - Nicole Ibrahim
  • Closing the Door on Web Shells - Anuj Soni
  • Evolution of Incident Response - Jeffrey J. Guy
  • To Silo, or Not to Silo - Frank McClain
  • Targeted Campaign Analysis and Tracking - Christopher Witter
  • Pillars of Incident Response - Brandie Anderson

For additional speakers and topics — Download the full agenda here:

One-time Promotional Opportunity — STARTS 3/17!

SANS will offer two promotions running from March 17-31, 2014.

Class & Summit Promotion — Summit for $195 with a class. Choose a full priced course, add the summit and register with code COURSE and you'll save $800. Reducing the summit to ONLY $195!

Summit Only Promotion — Summit for $495. Register with code SUMMIT and you'll save $1000 off the 2 day event. When the code is applied your total fee for the Summit is $495!

DFIR Training Courses:

Choose from 6 DFIR training classes that will help build your DFIR Skills to new levels.

  • - SEC504: Hacker Techniques, Exploits & Incident Handling with Alissa Torres
  • - FOR408: Windows Forensics In-Depth with Rob Lee
  • - FOR508: Advanced Computer Forensic Analysis and Incident Response with Chad Tilbury
  • - FOR572: Advanced Network Forensics and Analysis with Phil Hagen
  • - FOR585: Advanced Smartphone Forensics with Heather Mahalik
  • - FOR610: Reverse-Engineering Malware: Malware Analysis Tools & Techniques with Jake Williams
  • - DFIR NetWars - Free when registered for one of the courses taking place at the DFIR Training in Austin: SANS DFIR NetWars is a hands-on, interactive learning environment that enables DFIR professionals to develop and master the skills they need to excel in their field.

Register at

Remember starting March 17 2014, use these codes:

  • + Summit Only Promotion — Summit for $495. Register with code -> SUMMIT
  • + Class & Summit Promotion — Summit for $195 with a class. Register with code -> COURSE

Stay connected via twitter, using hashtag #DFIRsummit, to hear announcements and discussions surrounding the Summit.

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