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The Death of Computer Forensics (on Web2.0 Sites)

by Jack Bezalel

Computer Forensic''Computer Investigation''Forensic Cases''

It is always about some geek wearing old style clothes,

3-days beard (for a gentleman) OR undone hair (for a lady) , glazing eyes,

lots of half eaten pizza remains around, empty cans of beer scattered around

and a refrigerator that looks like the dump bucket.

And then a beautiful young client knocks on the door, asking for help

in an X-files type of investigation.

Our geek hero always knows how to get the critical data off the disks, camera

phone, printer, remote server, whatever.

Our hero knows how to break in, decrypt, analyze, summarize, save the client

in the last moment from a crashing car, and drink some more beer (or wine).

Computer Crime resolved.