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Control Panel Forensics: Evidence of Time Manipulation and Moreâ¦

The GUI control panel is a long standing feature of Microsoft Windows, facilitating granular changes to a vast collection of system features. It can be disabled via Group Policy but is largely available to most user accounts (administrative permissions are required for some changes). From a forensic perspective, we can audit control panel usage to … Continue reading Control Panel Forensics: Evidence of Time Manipulation and More''

Encrypted Disk Detector Version 2

Last year I covered the free Encrypted Disk Detector (EDD) tool and challenged the community to help crowdsource its development [link]. Thank you to all that took part in the experiment. Magnet Forensics announced today that Encrypted Disk Detector version 2 is available [get it here]. Survey Results In addition to encouraging additional development of … Continue reading Encrypted Disk Detector Version 2

Cloud Forensics with F-Response

Like many great inventions, the idea behind F-Response is so simple and elegant it is hard not to punish yourself for not thinking of it. Using the iSCSI protocol to provide read-only mounting of remote devices opens up a wealth of options for those of us working in geographically dispersed environments. I have used it … Continue reading Cloud Forensics with F-Response

Help Improve EDD - Encrypted Disk Detector!

Device acquisition may not be the sexiest phase of digital forensics, but it has the most number of pitfalls and can result in catastrophic loss. If a practitioner makes a mistake during acquisition, the investigation may simply be over, with nothing left to examine. Establishing an acquisition process is important, and a critical part of … Continue reading Help Improve EDD - Encrypted Disk Detector!

Memory Forensics Cheat Sheet

I recently wrote on my personal blog about some of the new updates to the SANS Forensics 508 course and included a link to a new memory forensics cheat sheet. By popular request, I am posting a PDF versionof the cheat sheet here on the SANS blog. Feedback is appreciated! Chad Tilbury, GCFA, has … Continue reading Memory Forensics Cheat Sheet