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Firefox 3 History

Analysis of a browser history almost always comes up, no matter what is being investigated. And despite Firefox being one of the most popular browsers currently used there aren't many tools out there that can read and display browser history (at least in a human readable format). There are tools out there, such as f3e from ( however that tool, just as others that I've found, is only distrubuted as an EXE, running on Windows (and no source code is provided).

Traditionally Firefox stored the history file as a Mork file format, which could be easily read using any standard editor. The new version, that is version 3 which has been out for quite some time now, uses a different method of storing user history. The history file is stored in a MozStorage format, as a


Office 2007 Metadata

Metadata information from documents can be a great source of information for investigators and it's value has often been discussed before. Documents created using Microsoft Office often come up during investigations. There are several scripts and tools out there to read the proprietary binary format of Office documents created using Office 2003 and earlier versions so there is not more to add to those tools. Yet there aren't that many tools out there that can list the metadata information from the new format that Office 2007 uses, OpenXML. So I decided to examine it a bit further.

Microsoft has already published a good enough document describing the structure of OpenXML [1]. Essentially a document created in the OpenXML document format is a compressed file, using the well known ZIP