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GIAC Certifications in High Demand: GCFA (GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst)

Excellent article discussing the increased demand for real technical skills. It has an excellent writeup on GIAC Certifications including the GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA).



Why are certifications in high demand? From the article:

Increased Usage and Dependency on Digital


Digital Forensics Professionals: Texas PI Legislation Interpreted

Automated Traffic Enforcement Opinion: Relevant to Electronic Discovery Work?

A Texas state government agency has published a formal opinion interpreting controversial new legislation on the licensing of computer forensics experts as private investigators. The Texas Private Security Bureau says it "generally" feels the private administrators of traffic enforcement cameras need not be licensed as PIs. The ruling may help us construe this new law in other contexts, such as e-discovery performed by computer forensics professionals.

The agency's reasoning is that the companies running traffic cameras are engaged in only "ministerial" activities at the direction of public servants (i.e. city employees). But the Bureau says its opinion applies only "generally" to traffic camera operators because some operators might be


Are Computer Forensics Professionals Required to be Licensed as Private Investigators?

Must digital forensics evidence be collected and evaluated only by a professional holding a license issued by the state where the work is performed? Answer this question incorrectly, and a litigant could unexpectedly lose a lawsuit.

In November, a state court held that the company operating an automated traffic-light enforcement camera had violated Texas law because it lacked a license to conduct business as a private investigator. As the administrator of the system, the company gathered and assessed digital data for use in judicial and administrative proceedings. That work requires a license under a new state law, said the judge.

This case has ignited a statewide firestorm, where vehicle owners (e.g., Jim Ash, resident of College Station) are objecting to traffic citations, seeking reimbursement of fines and lambasting public officials who tolerate photographic traffic enforcement.

Vehicle owners maintain that the computer evidence against them should be

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Michigan To Require Certifications For Computer Forensics Private Investigator's License

I am pleased to have Scott Moulton as a guest Blogger today regarding some new legislation released from Michigan dealing with Computer Forensics and Private Investigation Licensing. -Rob Lee (SANS Institute -

Many of you might know of my involvement in licensing issues for examiners or have seen the "Forensics is for Private Investigators ONLY" speech by Scott Moulton at Defcon 16 earlier this year or have been listening to Dave Kleinman on Brighttalk speaking on the issue.

The primary issue is that many states are passing laws requiring forensics examiners become private investigators.Now it seems that the state of Michigan now wants you to also have a CISSP to do computer forensics.

Back in May the state of Michigan passed a law making it a felony to practice computer forensics