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The State of Malware Analysis: Advice from the Trenches

What malware analysis approaches work well? Which don't? How are the tools and methodologies evolving? The following discussion-captured as anMP3 audio file-offers friendly advice from 5 malware analysts. These are some of the practitioners who teach thereverse-engineering malware course(FOR610) at SANS Institute: Jim Clausing: Security Architect at AT&T and Internet Storm Center Handler(Panelist) Evan Dygert:Senior … Continue reading The State of Malware Analysis: Advice from the Trenches

Mass Triage Part 5: Processing Returned Files - Amcache

Mass Triage Part 4: Processing Returned Files - AppCache/Shimcache

iOS Location Mapping with APOLLO Part 2: Cellular and Wi-Fi Data (locationd)

Myprevious articleshowed a new capability ofAPOLLOwith KMZ location file support. It worked great''for routined data, but there was something missing. What about the cellular and Wi-Fi locations that are stored in databases? Well, turns out I need to test better. I fixed the locationd modules to have the activity as "Location" versus "LOCATION". Case sensitivity is apparently thing in Python''my bad. '''''

I should also mention with the fixes, my total location data points for a iOS 12.1.1 device jumped to ~57,000! I should note this is not inclusive of workout locations. Those are a bit different as they are stored as separate records, one for latitude and one for longitude. In the future I might attempt to pair these up for KMZ support.

iOS Location Mapping with APOLLO Part 1: I Know Where You Were Today, Yesterday, Last Month, and Years Ago!

I added preliminary KMZ (zipped KML) support toAPOLLO. If anyAPOLLOmodule's SQL query has "Location" in its Activity field, it will extract the location coordinates in the column "Coordinates" as long as they are in Latitude, Longitude format (ie: 38, -77). These are more a less an upgrade/replacement from my previous iOS location scripts. (FYI: Those will not likely be updated further.)