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How to Track Your Malware Analysis Findings

Introduction The field of incident response, forensics, and malware analysis is full of thrilling hunts and exciting investigations where you have an opportunity to aggressively pursue the activities of adversaries. While technical acumen certainly supports these efforts, a truly successful execution requires both a well-crafted process and detailed documentation of the journey through that process. … Continue reading How to Track Your Malware Analysis Findings

TorrentLocker Unlocked

Guest submission byTaneli Kaivola, Patrik Nisn and Antti Nuopponen of NIXU TorrentLocker is a new breed of ransomware that has been spreading lately. Like CryptoLocker and CryptoWall it encrypts files on a victim's machine and then demands ransom. The victim has to pay to get the decryption software that can decrypt the files. On a … Continue reading TorrentLocker Unlocked

Using Sysinternals System Monitor (Sysmon) in a Malware Analysis Lab

System Monitor (Sysmon) is a new tool from Microsoft, designed to run in the Windows system's background, logging details related to process creation, network connections, and changes to file creation time. This information can assist in troubleshooting and forensic analysis of the host where the tool was installed prior to the incident that's being investigated. This article explores the role that System Monitor might play in a malware analysis lab, possibly supplementing tools such as Process Monitor. Continue reading Using Sysinternals System Monitor (Sysmon) in a Malware Analysis Lab

Dominando las 4 etapas del Análisis de Malware

(This is a Spanish translation of the article Mastering 4 Stages of Malware Analysis. Este artculo fue traducido del ingls.) El anlisis de software malicioso o malware involucra una variedad de tareas, algunas ms simples que otras. Estas tareas pueden ser agrupadas en etapas basadas en la naturaleza de las tcnicas de anlisis de software malicioso. Agrupadas como capas, una encima de otra, estas etapas forman una pirmide que va creciendo conforme complejidad. Continue reading Dominando las 4 etapas del Anlisis de Malware

SRP Streams in MS Office Documents Reveal Earlier Versions of Malicious Macros

SRP streams in Microsoft Office documents can reveal older versions of VBA macro code used by the adversary in earlier attacks. After the attacker modifies the malicious document for a new attack, Microsoft Office sometimes retains a cache of the earlier macro inside these streams, allowing analysts to expand their understanding of the incident and derive valuable threat intelligence. In other words, SRP streams can help investigators travel back in time. Continue reading SRP Streams in MS Office Documents Reveal Earlier Versions of Malicious Macros