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How to Disrupt a Botnet

The following note is inspired by the steps the folks at FireEye Malware Intelligence Lab took to disable the Mega-d/Ozdok bot network. People often wonder what it takes to shut down a botnet. Here are the key steps, which apply to "traditional" botnets, which don't rely heavily on peer-to-peer protocols for their command and control (C&C) implementation; the number of hosts and domains that such botnets use can be sufficiently small that a group or an individual can disrupt the botnet by getting these IPs or domain names shut down.

Note that attempting to interfere with operations of a profitable botnet can be dangerous, as your actions may cause attackers to retaliate. Therefore, consider these steps as informational thoughts, rather than an encouragement to follow FireEye's footsteps.

  1. Obtain a copy of the bot through forensic analysis of a compromised system.