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Case Leads: DFIR Lessons from Sandy; The Advanced Persistent Intruder; The Secure Breach; Windows8 Forensics; South Carolina Tax Info Protected by "TWO FIREWALLS"

The general public is getting a lesson in incident response with the post Hurricane Sandy storm damage in the Northeastern part of the United States. Your case leads blogger is working on incident responses related to the storm. Many non-technical professionals have had a chance to witness the challenges of DFIR. And some are starting to ask some very intelligent questions: How resistant are IT systems to intentional cyber attacks? Could attackers do more damage than a natural disaster? We have stories this week that try to answer the question this way: Do we need a strategic shift in how we respond to incidents? Listen to the interview with Conrad Constantine on his take regarding a new approach to incident response.

Before all the storm coverage saturated the news, there were a flurry of news stories following Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta's statements on how poorly prepared the nation's critical infrastructure is vulnerable to cyber attacks. And, after Hurricane