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Rapier: A Different Data Carver

By Keven Murphy

Rapier is a data carver written for Linux. It is a bit different than the other ones out there. First of all, the data carver treats the input file as a stream of data. For example, if the header/word is broken up between cluster/sector boundaries, Rapier doesn't see the data divided up between the clusters/sectors. Instead, it ignores these boundaries. Secondly, headers and footers (footers are not 100% implemented yet) can be up to 100 bytes/characters long. Third, there are a few built-in search patterns. Those are index.dat and registry files. Like most data carvers, it doesn't review the data it carves out to see if it is good data. That part is left to the forensics examiner.

Every byte on the drive is reviewed by Rapier. I realize that this can make it run long as