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Learning Curve: Carving Partitions Out of Compressed AFF Disk Images

Due to my supervisor's reluctance to purchase more drive space (now it's a financial crisis), I recently embarked on a quest to put my disk images on a diet by switching from RAW to compressed AFF images. Arguably, I should have done this moons ago, but as I recently discovered, some things are easier with RAW images.

One obstacle appeared when I wanted to carve out a partition from a full disk image. My image file (P0wnedDisk.AFF) contained a Dell Utility partition and a Windows boot partition. For this case, I was only interested in the Windows partition, so I wanted to carve it out and save it to a separate compressed AFF file (P0wnedPartition.AFF). Unless I've missed something (it turns out, I had... read on), there's no way to do this with AFF Tools alone.

After many listserv posts, cries for help, and prayers to divine entities, I cobbled together the following