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Making Reviewing Files From Data Carving Easier: Images


I usually do a lot of data carving. With 500 gig drives becoming the norm in machines, the recovered files I see from data carving is huge. Nothing like having to review 10000+ jpegs and having to review each one. I had a lot of issues trying to find something to review that many images. After trying many programs and some hacks to break up the images into smaller subsets. I decided to write my own set of tools for processing the files recovered from data carving.

Data Carver Processors

The Data Carver Processors are a combination of Perl scripts and other programs that are designed to break up the recovered files into manageable chunks. As the script runs over the files, it will create a series of web pages with thumbnails and a second web page for each file that contains plug-in output like metadata, hashes, and etc. The scripts, for the most part, will not process damaged files. If a file is damaged, there will be no image for it on

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