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Review: Mandiant's Incident Response Conference (MIRCon) Day 2

The first Mandiant Incident Response Conference (MIRCon) is now in the bag, so to speak. It was an impressively valuable and fun-filled two days, and I have to thank Mandiant once again for throwing down on an excellent shindig. As with my review of Day 1, I'll recap some highlights from the various presentations. Those of you who weren't able to attend may also be interested in the recap webinar that Mandiant is presenting next week (Oct. 19): State of the Hack: The Hangover - What REALLY happened at MIRCon.

The Day 2 keynote was delivered by Gordon Snow, Assistant Director of the FBI's Cyber Division, who spoke about the


Review: Mandiant's Incident Response Conference (MIRCon) Day 1

I have the good fortune this week of being able to attend Mandiant's Incident Response Conference (MIRcon) in Alexandria, Virginia, and so far it's a very good time. For those who couldn't attend, or who may have chosen instead to attend that other conference that's going on right now, I thought I'd blog a few impressions and take aways both to solidify the day in my own mind and provide some food (and flavor) for thought. This won't be a comprehensive, presentation-by-presentation summary, but rather an overview with focus on what I consider to be some of the highlights. And if you weren't at MIRcon today, the single most important highlight you missed was Richard Bejtlich simultaneously coining a new phrase and inventing a new psychological diagnosis: "