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Why Mobile Device Forensics is the new "Killer" field

I have just completed work on a forensics chapter of a book on mobile malicious code (MMC). What researching this topic has made me do is to think just how many things that an attacker can do with a mobile phone. In this post I am going to address just three of the many reasons why it is important to ensure that these devices are not overlooked in forensic examinations.

Using a Mobile to Locate and Track People

A number of services already exist that can locate a mobile phone. These services are nowhere near as accurate as a GPS (which is now being included in phones), but they allow for a parent to monitor where their children go or a spouse to monitor their wayward partner. SIM based tracking can target a phone to within 500 meters. In a phone with an integrated GPS (such as some iPhones) the accuracy can be as good as within 5 meters.