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Undercover Agents Record Social Media Evidence

How should investigators record fast-changing online evidence, such as social media? Case in point: The Mercer County (New Jersey) Prosecutor's office followed hundreds of street gang affiliates on Myspace. How did it do that economically? Instead of using seasoned, highly-trained police investigators, it commissioned a team of mere interns. The interns, acting as undercover agents, … Continue reading Undercover Agents Record Social Media Evidence

Facebook Memory Forensics

OK, like everyone I joined facebook just to get updates on my high school reunion. (Who knew you could also use it as a possible alibi.)

But then, after writing pdgmail and pdymail and seeing all the neat personal information in facebook...tada pdfbook! Memory parsing to grab facebook info.

Like it's predecessors pdgmail and pdymail, I'm following the simple construct that memory strings are easy to get to and yield a treasure of information given today's