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Digital Forensics: Stuck on Stickies

Raise your hand if you've responded to a crime scene and had a suspect computer possibly involved in the crime. How many of you have responded to an incident where a victim's computer may have been compromised and needs to be analyzed but the victim is not available for questioning regarding user account information and passwords? How many of you have been taught, told or learned through experience to look for sticky notes attached to a monitor, on a computer tower case or even taped to the bottom of a keyboard?

The answer is probably most of you reading this. How many of you actually thought to look for the sticky notes of the digital variety? If you are organized, a neat freak or OCD like me, you hate a cluttered desk space. If that is the case, you have probably gone paperless. You scan your desk for whatever little bits of tree pulp may cross your gaze, sticky notes included. I (and many others) don't use physical sticky notes anymore, having switched to computer

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