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Code in a Flash

by Craig Wright

Recently I have been involved with the analysis of a number of rogue web sites linked to a fast flux network. Tracking websites is hard enough, but the process to analyse the flash code and other scripts has been a head-ache in the past. There are a number of tools that can be used (mostly commercial, though there are some on the OWASP site that are open). The issue being that few of these help to filter the content of the code.

In small cases, this is not an issue. Decompiling flash when there is only one or two files to verify is easy. The problem comes when you have several hundred (or more sites) with a variety of code samples - some good, some bad and no easy way to determine which is which.

In the past this has been a process of decompiling all of the samples (where a hash cannot be used to show that the files are the same) and