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Shadow Timelines And Other VolumeShadowCopy Digital Forensics Techniques with the Sleuthkit on Windows

Creating Digital Forensic Filesystem Timelines From Multiple Windows Volume Shadow Copies

Introduction to Shadow Timelines:

This past weekend I was upgrading the SIFT Workstation to the new version and I realized I had not used the Windows version of the Sleuthkit tools in awhile. I usually demonstrate in class that many of the sleuthkit tools can work directly against the logical partitions of a Physical Hard Drive (e.g. \\.\\C:, \\.\\D:). It occurred to me that I had never tried to use the filesystem parser and timeline generator fls on a Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 2008 Server ShadowCopyVolume.

We have known for some time now that you can image a Shadow Volume. I wrote a


Volume Shadow Copies and LogParser

Volume Shadow Copies (VSCs) can contain a treasure trove of information - so much information that if not treated correctly, they can become too cumbersome for many investigators. (Note: if you are unfamiliar with VSCs, Rob Lee has a great write-up about the subject.) One way to make the examination of VSCs a little less … Continue reading Volume Shadow Copies and LogParser