Computer Forensic Assessment

Computer Forensic Assessment

The Computer Forensic Assessment will help you assess your existing windows based digital forensic knowledge. With the results, a course recommendation will be given to you.

The assessment is based off of core knowledge areas from FOR408: Windows Forensic Analysis

FOR408 is an intermediate digital forensic course that covers windows based acquisition and analysis in-depth. Follow on courses are built with the understanding that each analyst will already have the knowledge that the course covers.

Questions are based on the Microsoft operating systems Windows XP through Win7 are covered via the following knowledge areas:

  • Windows Registry Forensics
  • Windows Artifact Analysis
  • Windows Email Analysis
  • Event Log Forensics
  • Browser Forensics

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How to Score Yourself?

  • At the end of the test, you will be given a star rating based on the material after you are asked for test feedback. The higher the star, the better you are at the material covered in that course. Generally you should have a 4-5 star rating, which means you scored 76% or above.
    • Scores between 0-3 Stars or 0-75% -> Please consider attending FOR408 prior to taking FOR508.
    • Scores between 4-5 Stars or 76-100% -> Ready to take FOR508.