Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit

  • Two days of in-depth threat intelligence talks and interactive discussions
  • Closely aligned hands-on courses following the Summit
  • DFIR NetWars - Coin Slayer, networking events, SANS@Night presentations

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    Featuring new labs, new content and more bonus materials, these new DFIR courses are now available via SANS live events & Online training:

    SIFT Workstation

    Free VMware Appliance
    An international team of forensics experts, led by SANS Faculty Fellow Rob Lee, created the SIFT Workstation and made it available to the whole community as a public service. The SIFT Workstation is a VMware appliance, pre-configured with the necessary tools to perform detailed digital forensic examination in a variety of settings.

    The New DFIR Challenge Coins are here!

    The SANS DFIR faculty are pleased to introduce the new DFIR Challenge Coins. These coins are created to recognize students who demonstrate exceptional talent, contributions, or who serve as leaders in the digital forensics profession and community.
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    DFIR Courses

    Whether you're seeking to maintain a trail of evidence on host or network systems or hunting for threats using similar techniques, larger organizations are in need of specialized professionals who can move beyond first-response incident handling to analyze an attack and develop an appropriate remediation and recovery plan. Our DFIR Courses will teach you how to detect compromised systems, identify how and when a breech occurred, understand what attackers took or changed, and successfully contain and remediate incidents.
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    Every year the SANS Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR) Faculty produces thousands of free content rich resources for the digital forensics community. These resources are aimed to provide you with the latest in research and technology available to help you streamline your investigations. Our number one priority is to support the DFIR community by not only providing content to solve even the most difficult problems investigators face daily, but also provide an open forum for community mentoring, development and support.
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    SIFT Workstation

    Developed by an international team of forensics experts, the SIFT Workstation is available to the digital forensics and incident response community as a public service. SIFT features powerful cutting-edge open-source tools that are freely available and frequently updated and can match any modern DFIR tool suite. Thousands of individuals download the SIFT workstation yearly and many organizations had found SIFT to be the key investigative suite to use during their investigations.
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